MO55 Terminator

MO55 Terminator is the world’s most effective remover and inhibitor. Suitable for use on all hard surfaces including Gardens, Decking, Slabs, Paving, Concrete and Roofs.

Moss Remover

MO55 Remover

Fully biodegradable, long lasting and contains no bleach or acid.

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Moss Inhibitor

MO55 Inhibitor

Formulated to inhibit the growth for up to 12 months.

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Moss Decking Cleaner

Decking Cleaner

A detergent-free powder cleaner which cleans and revives wooden decking.

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This product is the best I have ever used. Quick acting.
Kevin Tea - 31 Aug 2019

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MO55 Terminator is formulated from fully biodegradable products making it safe and powerful. MO55 Terminator effectively cleans driveways, patios, car parks, tennis courts, artificial sports surfaces, roof tiles and slates, brick and stonework. MO55 Terminator is fast acting; safely removing from concrete, brick, tiles, slates, shingles, lawns, pavers, tombstones, statues, and wood.

MO55 Terminator is available in two formulations; MO55 Remover and MO55 Inhibitor.

It is safe to use on:

 Concrete Slabs  Timber  Brick
 Paving Stones  Wooden Decking  Patio Blocks
 Fabrics  Garden Furniture  Roofing Slates

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Why Use MO55 Terminator?

It may appear harmless, and in the short term most types are, but it can cause numerous complications over a longer time scale.

Firstly, it is generally perceived to be unsightly. Nothing can ruin a garden quite like a pristine lawn next to a discoloured ridden patio. Having a nice, clean path, patio or decking area should be a priority for any gardening enthusiast. Left unchecked prolonged growth on stone, patio, decking or similar hard surfaces can cause unpleasant and hard to remove stains on the surface. Applying a proven and effective patio cleaner and killer such as Mo55 Terminator will eliminate the problem of stubborn growth allowing you to enjoy your garden in the best possible condition.

Secondly it can cause gradual damage to a surface when left unchecked. It has no roots and therefore will grow on rather than through a hard surface. However this does not mean it’s harmless. It is capable of collecting and storing large amounts of moisture which seeps into tiny, unnoticeable, naturally occurring cracks in the surface. During the winter months this moisture can freeze and expand driving these cracks wider apart. Allow this to repeat over an extended period and your concrete, stone or patio area is sure to show signs of crumbling. Apply our powerful product to treat the problem before it’s too late.

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