How to Remove Moss on Tarmac

Tarmac can be particularly problematic when covered in moss. Many hyper chloride products commonly used to remove moss on other surfaces will bleach tarmac making them unsuitable for use.

Moss Terminator: Moss & Algae Remover and Inhibitor contain no bleach or acid so will kill moss on tarmac without staining or changing the colour. It also happens to be one of the most effective and long term moss removers for hard surfaces generally so you get the best of both worlds.

This makes Moss Terminator ideal for:

• Removing moss from tarmac drives
• Killing moss on tarmac car parks
• Getting rid of moss on tarmac roads
• Removing moss from tarmac playgrounds
• Killing moss on all other tarmac surfaces

How to get rid of moss on tarmac:

For most applications dilute the moss Terminator at a rate to of 1:4 with water. Apply to tarmac surface using a watering can or low pressure washer. Spread on tarmac at a rate of 3.5m² per 1 litre of Moss Terminator solution.

The moss will die, dry out and turn brown within 2-4 days of application. The dead moss can now be removed from the tarmac using a stiff brush.

This should remain absent for 6-12 months subject to environmental factors.

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Kevin Tea - 31 Aug 2019